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projecting horizontal beam fixed at one end only

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project as a cantilever

construct with girders and beams such that only one end is fixed

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A test method to examine the CBL of an unbraced cantilever beam was used to measure the CBLs of solid-sawn lumber and SCL materials.
Caption: Figure 4: Design domain of the first cantilever beam and its boundary conditions.
A mechatronic device used as tuneable passive viscous damper was designed, manufactured and evaluated in experimental terms by means of a computer assisted bench-test based on a cantilever beam.
With force exerted at the other end sphere, the fiber model bends like a cantilever beam.
Instead of using cantilever beams and plates, the Georgia Tech microactuator uses a labyrinthine geometry where the winding and nickel-iron core intertwine without touching.
For our investigation of milling tool vibrations present during operation a tri-morph d31 type piezoceramic cantilever beam M1100 produced by "Johnson Matthey" has been chosen to be used.
The first test problem is a cantilever beam with rectangular cross section of the size b x h subjected to an end moment.
In many cases, blades are usually modeled as a pretwisted, presetting, thin-walled rotating cantilever beam because the shape of the blade is very complex.
Now we determine the cantilever beam distortion parameters under concentrated force applied to its free end.
In the experiment, where the cantilever beam was deflected at given temperature (e.
Porcelain is not the material of cantilever beam construction and, although these buildings may somewhat resemble the general shape of modern block houses, they are not the images of those.
Stress development during drying was characterized using a cantilever beam bending technique.