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an Old Testament book consisting of a collection of love poems traditionally attributed to Solomon but actually written much later

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According to Brown, Luke's canticles are likely early Christian hymns, woven from phrases and passages found in the Old Testament.
Delving into biblical, philosophical, historical, literary, classical and medieval sources, as well as commentaries, notable reference works and the electronic resources at our disposal today, Raffa's balanced and sustained control of his material illuminates the symmetrical architecture of the poem and its constituent interdisciplinary components, noting Dante's unique contribution, for example, when he states about the first canticle that "[t]he seamless blend of adaptation and innovation is the hallmark of Dante's Inferno" (1).
The guide examines the cosmologic, spiritual and textual journey, canticle by canticle and region by region, in the same sequence as Dante the pilgrim experiences it.
written near a doctor's name, and other entries that could be made into a perfect canticle of modern life.
I'll proceed by analysis of three major images in the work, each occurring at similar junctures late in their canticles.
Each expands on the sometimes simplistic understanding of Luther as the one who introduced hymn singing; Leaver clearly shows how Luther understood and used music as a tool for hermeneutics and that he advocated and facilitated the continued use of chant for German psalms and biblical canticles.
Now some of the 16th century music, including anthems and canticles, are being "brought back to life" at an unusual lecture-recital featuring the university's Chamber Choir.
Eventually, his pain bore fruit in the form of poetry, the Spiritual Canticles.
The concerto was the familiar filling in a programme book-ended by MacMillan's sole settings of the Magnificat and Nunc Dimitis canticles, and Bingham's tone poem, Chartres.
53 and the second and third Canticles are also discussed.
This unusual opening line introduces three interwoven tales that are told through a combination of "entries" in the Bronze Canticles and by means of direct narration.
Though it gets ftrst billing in the books' titles, the translation of the poem's first two canticles into English--produced in collaboration with Hollander's wife, the poet Jean Hollander--is only one part of the Hollanders' project to provide as broad an audience as possible with a reliable guide to the reading of Dante's poem in the original.
According to Flinker, the Canticles tradition begins with ancient Near Eastern poetic texts which bear striking parallels to the Song of Songs and celebrate a sacred wedding or other cultic rite.
The Spirit-Bird in the Canticles spins and twirls the other two members of the Godhead into amorous and novel combinations and permutations.
I asked whether the water-serpent song, the one sung to placate Coimaj Caacol, was one of these canticles.