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the highest part (usually the melody) in a piece of choral music

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a major division of a long poem

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Not only does Quint connect the Pharsalia with Cinque Canti, he also shows their relationship to the Orlando Furioso and to the Orlando Innamorata.
The translators have provided a list for further reading, a summary of events leading up to the opening of the Canti, and very useful notes.
There are, therefore, some serious deficiencies in the apparatus of this edition of the Tredici canti.
Valeria Finucci's edition of the Tredici canti del Floridoro (originally published in 1581) brings an epic poem written in imitation of Ariosto's Orlando furioso to the attention of scholars.
A much more horrifying (and transparently allegorical) "eastern adventure" is the civil war of the Cinque Canti enacted in the heretical precincts of Prague.