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1013 soil/duff infrequent Family Cantharellaceae Cantharellus cibarius Fr.
3 20 laccase Cantharellus 46 4 50 cibarius laccase Hericium erinaceum 63 5 50 laccase Tricholoma 43 4 70 giganteum laccase Pleurotus eryngii 34 3-5 70 laccase Canoderma lucidum 75 3.
2 Cantharellus cibarius laccase No activity at 10 [micro]M Hericium erinaceum laccase 9.
Cantharellus cibarius laccase are unadsorbed on anion and cation exchangers and adsorbed on only ConA-Sepharose (Ng and Wang 2004).
Mushroom show participant and LCC instructor Marcia Peeters displays two edible mushroom species: Cantharellus formosus (left) and Ramaria araiospora (below left), which should be foraged with caution due to its similar appearance to some inedible species.