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a town in Kent in southeastern England

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The soldiers, from 5 Scots, The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, used their freedom of Canterbury, Kent, to parade in front of onlookers and delighted family members.
Tim Blake-Bowell, 46, and Emma Blake-Bowell, 35, of Querns Road, Canterbury, Kent, were arrested as part of a wider police investigation into the sex trade.
Mr Phillips' father, Myles, of Canterbury, Kent, has called for his sacking but Lib Dem MP Evan Harris said it was likely that Misra was a better doctor as a result of his experiences and should be allowed to continue his training.
They were arrested following the discovery of 14 men, believed to be of Punjabi origin, in two people carriers and a van stopped while driving north on the A2 at Boughton near Canterbury, Kent.
Four Scottish wildcat kittens have been born at Wingham Wildlife Park near Canterbury, Kent, and staff now hope to transfer the animals to the north of Scotland.
Sariska, a four-yearold Indian tigress, got out of an enclosure at Howletts near Canterbury, Kent, on Wednesday morning before it was opened to the public.
Police were called to Ann's Hotel, in Canterbury, Kent, at 1am last Thursday and found John Gwynn lying on a concrete floor.
Edward Dolan, 25, from Hersden, near Canterbury, Kent, was remanded in custody and will appear in court again on April 6.
This week's winner is Harvey Oldman of Canterbury, Kent, who says: "I've covered an unsightly fence by putting a couple of hop plants at each end and training them to meet in the middle.
MUCH closer to home, the TOR Spa Retreat near Canterbury, Kent, is a leading Ayurvedic spa with practitioners hailing from India.
Two Tone, who weighed nearly 68lb, was found floating on the surface of the lake where he lived near Canterbury, Kent.
The brass instrument was discovered underneath a series of clay floors during building work to extend a restaurant in Canterbury, Kent, in 2005.
Ten beavers were brought to Britain earlier this year to take part in a wetland conservation project at Wildwood Animal Sanctuary, near Canterbury, Kent - but a breeding programme was not on the agenda.
For an information pack please send an A4 SAE with two first class stamps to Seeds for Africa, Unikent, PO Box 581, Canterbury, Kent CT2 7SW.
Gloris Canterbury, Kent Dear Gloris What an unusual name