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Other places where the straighteners have been installed include Creation, Canteloupe, Life, Liquid and Jumpin' Jacks.
The more traditional method: Cut them like you would a canteloupe or watermelon (into sections) and cut the rind off.
For example, one item has cucumber canteloupe, watermelon lime and honeydew pear fragrances.
But the team of 10 that's putting the finishing touches on the MutANT isn't concerned about being as slow, or falling as flat, as a smashed canteloupe.
And the political grandee Lord Canteloupe, one of Raven's finest and most robust creations, frankly prefers working with a "howling shit" like Lloyd-James: "For the great thing about shits," he reflects, "was that they got on with it (provided the price was right) and didn't ask damn silly questions.
Place a ring of canteloupe in the center of plate; mound other ingredients in the center of the canteloupe slice.
Also launching are breakfast snack pots, including cereals and strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and yogurt, and tropical oat crunch with canteloupe melon, oat crunch, blueberries and coconut.
Several fruits are also good sources, such as apricots, canteloupe, and mangoes.
Have citrus as fruit or juice, and maybe a banana or some canteloupe, mango, or apple.
The famous blue ribbed canteloupe dome of the mausoleum rises over the tin roof-tops in central Samarkand.
She had the impeccable posture of a debutante holding a corsage, modest hips, which never ceased to disappoint me, and a diffident voice--or rather, a sweet voice, but modest--which she handed to her male friends like a freshly-cut canteloupe on a dish.
Pineapple, grapes, oranges, canteloupe and bananas, topped with a Ginger-Yogurt or Curried-Yogurt Sauce will satisfy the sweet tooth without the sugar.
The salty, buttery ham wrapped juice soft slices of sweet Canteloupe melon, with lemon wedges for extra perky splashes.
INGREDIENTS: Two canteloupe or gallia melons, halved, peeled and seeded' 2tbsp honey' 2 lemons' 100ml lemon sorbet.