Cantabrian Mountains

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a range of mountains in northern Spain along the coast of the Bay of Biscay

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Pereda's works that have as their main scene of action the villages of the Cantabrian mountains constitute a large part of his literary corpus.
Mr Stuttard will then cycle through France to northern Spain over the Cantabrian mountains, to Madrid and finally to his holiday home near Malaga in Andalusia, southern Spain.
The Visigoth nobles even fled Toledo, leaving the field open for the conquerors to advance to the Cantabrian Mountains of northern Spain in just three years.
When the heat was too much we took to the Cantabrian mountains, majestic peaks of the nearby Picos de Europa.
His remains were discovered in a cold subterranean cave 5,000 feet below sea level in the Cantabrian mountains of north-west Spain, where conditions are ideal for preserving DNA.