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supergiant star 650 light years from Earth

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An Indian Data Science Company, Canopus Data Insights is a leading provider of Data Science Products, Solutions and Services, to clients, from start-ups to large enterprises.
A sculpture from Canopus representing Arsinoe II, the eldest daughter of Alexander's general Ptolemy I, who was deified after her death to become a Greek and Egyptian goddess, shows how gods merged.
Sheikh Salman bin Jabor al-Thani, director of the Qatar Centre for Astronomy and Space Sciences, explains that Canopus is not visible for a period of the year before it appears again on August 24 every year.
Canopus BioPharma is dedicated to providing the safest, most cost effective and efficacious pharmaceutical products and assay methods in the areas of infectious disease, radiation protection, cancer, and addiction.
Canopus, a submarine tender bombed by the Japanese in the Philippines, he became a rifleman fighting ashore in Bataan, and he later was a Japanese prisoner of war.
EDIUS Pro 3 and EDIUS Broadcast deliver increased quality and realtime performance through the company's acclaimed variable-bitrate Canopus HQ codec, including realtime HQ batch capture from 1080i and 720p HDV cameras and decks.
Canopus manages to offer very cost-effective yet feature-rich professional video editing solutions that are in line with Apace's cost and high-performance network storage business model, resulting in a very synergistic end-to-end editing environment affordable by the entire market.
Another two, the Canopus and Compass Island, are currently on their way across the Atlantic and will also be allowed to spend the winter there.
The Canopus and Caloosahatchee are being towed through one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world and will arrive at Hartlepool later this week.
A submarine tender called the Canopus and a navigation instrument ship called the Compass Island, both part of what is known as the James River Ghost Fleet, were nudged out to sea by four tugs to begin a three-week journey across the Atlantic.
Rextor also lets editors create MPEG files for DVD, streaming video files, and industry-standard EDLs for offline editing and project files compatible with other Canopus CWS editing systems.
Canopus Corporation, a provider of digital video editing products, has introduced EDIUS, a nonlinear editing application for use with the company's DVRex RT and DVStorm line of editing solutions.
In a move to broaden its line of powerful Realtime Editing Stations, Canopus Corporation has announced the RES-150 and the new RES Flex Series, a new line of custom configurable video editing workstations.
The dog handler was responding to a report of a burglary in Canopus Close, St Mellons, Cardiff early yesterday.