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a solid projectile that in former times was fired from a cannon

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Of course," he said, "How could a canon ball go off without Noys?
But there are fears that Caerphilly's bid may be thwarted as Pisa's bell tower - made famous by Galileo's experiments to prove gravity with a canon ball - is freestanding whereas Caerphilly's is part of the larger castle.
It derives from when a canon ball would hit the hull of the ship, literally shivering the timbers.
WE probably shouldn't be surprised that the building unearthed outside Derry's famous walls contained canon balls and ammo for muskets.
Nevertheless, good of Tony Thompson to send this insight: "It is likely that Drake was playing a form of petanque on Plymouth Hoe hilst waiting for the Spanish, than it was bowls, as a rough gravel surface, canon balls for boules and musket shot for a jack, were more likely to be available than a manicured lawn and large wooden balls.
The teacher unions never hesitate to deliver hard-hitting threats bolted out like canon balls whenever something does not go their way.
So we trust that, judging by all the "oohs'' and "aahs", the ones who expected canon balls to be fired hopefully overcame their disappointment