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soldiers who are regarded as expendable in the face of artillery fire

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Pre-season forecasts that the Yorkshire club would be little more than cannon-fodder for the Premiership's more established teams have so far proved correct following three defeats from three starts since their re-entry into the top-flight.
Yet this Government's department sent the war widows letters asking them to refund a fortnight's wages and evacuate their homes so they can give them to the next cannon-fodder.
What I want you to do is sign for Barnsley (one of the various cannon-fodder clubs that have graced the Premiership for a season) for a club record fee of pounds 1.
Marcus Junkelmann of Munich University said: "These men were not cannon-fodder but the SAS of their day.
It also signals to opponents that they're facing cannon-fodder rather than the big gun behind him
Lens are not cannon-fodder for tonight's other Group G game away to shell-shocked Depor.
Brownlie said: "At the start of the season there was an article in one of the papers by David Bingham who said we would be cannon-fodder to the other teams.
CANNON-fodder Charlie Miller has begged his Dundee United team-mates not to give away free-kicks tonight in their own half.
Matthews, unheralded, unrated and a 5-1 outsider, was regarded as little more than cannon-fodder.
I agree with Roger Skidmore, that it is a farce that Holland will not be in the World Cup and there are six countries that are just cannon-fodder.
juniors three years ago, is making rapid strides up the rankings and will be more at home on this surface than he was when proving cannon-fodder for Tim Henman at Wimbledon, but Rosset has the edge in experience.
The 6,000 voting for the first time grew up as prospective cannon-fodder for the para-military gangs.