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a solid projectile that in former times was fired from a cannon

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Crowley was ejected from the saddle like a human cannon-ball, going all of 12 feet into the air before receiving a stray kick from his mount as he landed.
any cannon-ball hitting an individual would kill or seriously wound him .
One second he was lying on the sand with the new Harold Robbins, the next he was flattened by a thing the size of a large cannon-ball.
LOS ANGELES -- "A hysterectomy for fibroids is like killing a mosquito with a cannon-ball," said recent SonoWave patient Traci Werner.
But now a team of Merseyside film-makers want fans who watched the Cannon-ball Kid in action to get talking.
The renaissance is due - according to one writer - "to chefs improving on the tasteless cannon-ball versions of yesteryear".