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prerecorded laughter added to the soundtrack of a radio or television show

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The canned laughter must go, Jack Davenport's overcoat and his tendency to deliver lines like Jamie Theakston on Prozac have to go, and Gina Bellman's hair has to come down.
To me, it didn't merit the howls of canned laughter.
A series of actors fluffed their lines before saying either 'sh**' or 'f***', and then the canned laughter machine was switched on.
But over in Italy even canned laughter couldn't hide the desperate silence.
They turned on the canned laughter machine and it refused to work.
Filmed in front of a live studio audience (no canned laughter required), the Britain's Got Talent judge is also aided and assisted by Morgana Robinson and Mike Wozniak.
They are finding time to work on a new play, Canned Laughter, which they are bringing to stages throughout Scotland in March next year.
Although brand new, the comedy feels like an old classic, packed with slapstick humour, plenty of sexual innuendo, lots of one-liners and some good old-fashioned canned laughter in the background.
PRIZED Apart's entirely unnecessary canned laughter.
Instead you get forced drama, forced emotion, forced banter, forced canned laughter and forced Indiana Jones music.
And, as for the absence of a deafening canned laughter track - an almost mandatory feature on lame ducks like this - I can only posit one suggestion.
While the joke elicited a smattering of canned laughter when the episode aired on Feb.
IN this age of sitcoms and over-scripted panel shows stacked with lamentably obvious gags and iced off with a dose of canned laughter, it's all too easy for stand-up to follow suit.
Nobody knows if the Stalinist military dictatorship in North Korea is part of a long-running stand-up comedy show, where the canned laughter will break out any moment; or a very real threat to global security.