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prerecorded laughter added to the soundtrack of a radio or television show

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No one could find a reel of canned laughter desperate enough to take the job on.
While the joke elicited a smattering of canned laughter when the episode aired on Feb.
Surprisingly, I found this book funny, in spite of its unapologetic Americanisms--no concessions here to the UK market--and reflections of those imported long-running comedy series with canned laughter that used to grace television screens.
Canned laughter is used to increase audience appreciation.
Will Mellor is good enough as Liam Flynn, but the canned laughter is so obvious and so over-used that it has already become unwatchable.
More important, canned laughter increased viewer enjoyment.
Moreover, the series is augmented by the strains of canned laughter that come across as forced each time one of the location bits falls fiat.
GLYN Williams of Caerwys (May 6th) is dismayed by the over-use of canned laughter in today's sit-coms.
In a nutshell: Amusing idea, but apparently not funny enough that the producers felt the need to insert obviously fake canned laughter.
Sitcom is more like it, with canned laughter and cued audience applause.
Los Angeles: Replete with the genre's canned laughter and 30-minute plot resolutions, two sit-coms now in development--Fully Committed and The Bomb-itty of Errors--may give new fuel to critics who complain that theatre is becoming too much like TV.
Despite many serious warnings about terrorism in recent years, we based so much of our intellectual and political life on the premise that history would take place elsewhere while we continued to sit in front of our TVs listening to canned laughter.
And he tells us of the failure of his TV comedy chat show where canned laughter was introduced to cover up the fact that the audience was failing to register amusement.
Like canned laughter, this evening of Laurie "lite" seemed thin.