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a hunt for animals that have been raised on game ranches until they are mature enough to be killed for trophy collections

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Four white lions were rescued from a South African canned hunting operation, and two others back in 2014.
Some canned hunting operations similar to Benkoe's are linked to cub petting - another way in which farm-reared lions are exploited, say animal welfare campaigners.
FOUR PAWS UK has also seen a rise in the number of people concerned about canned hunting, one of the most brutal and prevalent forms of trophy hunting, in which lions are bred in captivity and hunted in an enclosed area with no hope of escaping.
Canned hunting is a practice that is legal in South Africa, where lions are bred in captivity, hand-reared for use in the cub petting industry.
As Chris Mercer and Bev Pervan, founders of the Campaign Against Canned Hunting (CACH), explain, it is a "toxic industry" where "the target animal is unfairly prevented from escaping the hunter, either by physical constraints (fencing) or by mental constraints (as they are tame and habituated to humans)".
Delivering his verdict, he said biodiversity must be protected and that the breeding of lions in captivity with the sole purpose of canned hunting did not aid their protection.
I urge everyone to immediately voice an opinion about canned hunting before the next management review - which happens every 10 years.
tell about it' WHEN SHE THREAT FILM "That's when I came across canned hunting," said Springwatch presenter Michaela, "and, like everyone, I thought it had gone underground.
Animal Underworld & Sold for Slaughter -- For examining the link between the exotic pet trade and canned hunting.
These breeding projects continue to promote canned hunting of lions," Coetzee said.
Ban the exhibition of all wild animals in public arenas, as this feeds into the canned hunting industry.
They are shot in fenced-off areas by hunters who pay up to PS30,000 for a guaranteed kill - most canned hunting trips last just three days with novices shooting up to 15 times.
Throughout the process of finding these two rhinos a home, I was alerted to the dangers -- including the practice of canned hunting -- that rhino's face, and I'm thrilled that I was able to spare these beautiful animals from such a horrific fate.
Outstanding Dramatic Series CSI -- "Unbearable" For a powerful and groundbreaking episode that takes the lid off the deplorable "sport" of canned hunting, revealing a link to surplus zoo animals, and the trade in bear parts.
But the centre has since been linked to what is known as canned hunting - the slaughter of animals in fenced areas.