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ancient city is southeastern Italy where Hannibal defeated the Romans in 216 BC

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Fitch expects that any non-title related investments will take place at Cannae and not expose FNF's balance sheet to credit risk other than the aforementioned investment.
As a result, FNF and Cannae are now separate publicly traded companies.
HFF marketed the properties on behalf of the seller, a joint venture between Cannae Partners and certain affiliates of Westport Capital Partners LLC.
THE Cowbridge Book Festival's Autumn Series continues with a presentation by author Ben Kane, who has been on the Sunday Times' Best Seller list Over the last two years the historical writer has followed Spartacus' trail across Italy and also visited Cannae, the 'Fields of Blood', where Hannibal's army met the massed legions of Rome.
You've got a lush figure and you cannae even see your tattoo unless you're craning your neck around to look in your mirror.
Even after Cannae (August 216 BC), Hannibal did not have sufficient force to besiege a major city regardless of the magnitude of his victory.
If you cannae comment on the England manager's position, then I'm sure he can't comment on another player," he insisted.
At Cannae, Hannibal made sure the Romans had the sun in their eyes and created a vacuum at the center of his host by allowing the Romans to drive back his Iberian and Celtic infantry.
Shoppers at Barnes & Noble may encounter "this brilliant, long-overdue, and beautifully written" tome (according to the publisher's blurb) detailing Hannibal's annihilation of a Roman army at Cannae in southeast Italy on 2 August 216 BC during the Second Punic War [218-201 BC], the classic example of tactical double envelopment.
He demonstrated this in most of his battles, including the Battle of Cannae (Liddell Hart, 1967).
The battle of Cannae was undoubtedly Hannibal's masterpiece.
King Kenny - or King Cannae as some wags are calling him - has already got off to a worse start then his predecessor Roy Hodgson, with two defeats in two.
Ye cannae change the laws of physics, laws of physics" comes from which song?
Although none of the boys are from Glasgow they did claim it was "great to be home" before launching into a rousing rendition of You Cannae Shove Your Granny Off A Bus.
Some I've loved In other seasons, But cannae name for legal reasons.