Canis Minor

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a constellation to the east of Orion


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Just behind Orion's left shoulder is Procyon in Canis Minor, the lesser of his canine hunting companions.
Over the next few weeks, 2004 JG6 will move through the constellations Cancer and Canis Minor low in the western sky at dusk.
The 200-inch Palomar Observatory telescope claims the first sighting during the current visit--October 15, 1982--of what was then a speck of light in Canis Minor.
Seeing that the constellation Canis Minor is just further north-east and next door to Monoceros as seen against the star field, a few objects can be added to the mix.
Constellations Day Constellation Day Constellation 01 Canis Major 14 Canis Minor 04 Gemini 18 Volans 05 Monoceros 30 Carina 09 Puppis 30 Cancer Date of midnight culmination.