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a constellation to the southeast of Orion

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The nebula adjoining the star HD 44179 is situated just one degree north of the boundary with Canis Major.
If you have not done so already, then February and March may be your last opportunity of the winter to observe the low-altitude constellations under Orion: Lepus, Canis Major, and Puppis.
Sirius is the largest and brightest star in the Canis Major constellation.
Brophy will be showcasing his Canis Major Series of big beers, along with some other adventurous beers over the course of the Big Beers Festival.
Another 34 poster papers are included on topics that include using stellar photospheres as chronometers for studying disk evolution, the Canis Major over-density, and the impact of cosmic rays on Population III star formation.
The stars are both "very large bright stars" in the constellation of canis major.
Then you might recognise the two bright stars in the Procyon in Canis Minor and Sirius in Canis Major.
The brightest star is Sirius, in the constellation Canis Major (the Great Dog), with a magnitude of -1.
My study window Faces east, out over the meadow, And I see this morning That the sheep have scattered On the hillside, their white shapes Making the pattern of the stars In Canis Major, the constellation Around Sirius, the Dog Star, Whom my father when we were small Used to point out, calling it For some reason I forget Little Dog Peppermint.
Among the prominent constellations visible after sunset are Orion, the hunter; Canis Major, the great dog; Taurus, the buff; and Cassiopeia, a Queen on a W-shaped throne.
To the left you will find Sirius (the brightest stars in the night sky) in the constellation Canis Major (The Great Dog).
They argue over whether the detection (code-named "big dog") of gravity waves near the Canis Major constellation is real, and what to tell the world about it.
According to the release, around 30 stars have been found near the constellation Canis Major, which contains the star Sirius, ejecting various material.
Lepus the Hare is generally seen as the animal being chased by Orion's hunting dog, Canis Major, but looked at differently it could also be seen as a chair in the star formation for Orion the hunter.
The star, in the constellation Canis Major, has been recorded by astronomers for at least 200 years.