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type genus of the Canidae: domestic and wild dogs

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In recent years one of the finest deep-sky objects in Canis Major has finally started receiving the greater attention it deserves.
Uber eine Microsporum -Enzootie bei Kappen-Gibbons (Hylobates lar) verursacht durch eine Variante von Microsporum canis [About a Microsporum enzootic in white-handed gibbons (Hylobates lar) caused by a variant of Microsporum canis].
canis se realizo en 32 placas petri con agar Sabouraud, mediante la tecnica de arrastre con el hisopo sobre toda la superficie del agar en tres direcciones.
Transmission of Ehrlichia canis to dogs by ticks (Rhipicephalus sanguineus).
DISCUSSION: Soft tissue infections caused by Pasteurella canis were reported by several workers.
The only reported case of Oncicola canis in Iran has been related to jackal so far [11].
Toxocara canis was the most prevalent parasite followed by M.
Since ancient times Sirius has been "the Dog Star," the outstanding light of Canis Major, the Big Dog.
canis can be prepared by hot saline extraction and are reportedly useful in serological diagnosis [5].
La brucelosis canina producida por Brucella canis es un bacilo corto Gram negativo intracelular facultativo y clasificada como cepa rugosa o mucoide de acuerdo con el aspecto de las colonias en medio solido (1, 2), ocasiona fallas reproductivas como abortos tardios en hembras prenadas que ocurren de 45 a 55 dias de gestacion; seguidamente hay descargas vaginales o muertes embrionarias tempranas y reabsorcion unas semanas despues del apareamiento; nacimiento de cachorros debiles que mueren despues del nacimiento; en los machos hay epididimitis, orquitis y anormalidades espermaticas (3).
A total of 24 field visits were made to the selected study sites and 90 scat samples of Canis aureus were collected; including 34 samples from Saidpur village (site-I), 27 from the surroundings of Sindh house (site-II), and 29 samples from the open cultivated fields of NARC (site-III) Islamabad.
The Cat People of the Canis Major star system, in fact.