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type genus of the Canidae: domestic and wild dogs

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4 100 Ancylostoma caninum -- -- -- -- Toxocara canis 2 25 4 50 Toxascaris leonine 2 14 4 29 Rictularia spp.
One such in Canis Minor is the galaxy NGC 2538, situated in the far eastern part of the constellation on the boundary with Hydra constellation.
Detection of IgG anti Toxocara canis in dogs from Corrientes Province, Argentina.
Species n Control Magnets Rhizoprionodon 169 67 30 terraenouae * Mustelus canis * 21 10 1 Squalusacanthias 85 31 23 Raja eglanteria 16 6 3 Carcharhinus limbatus 7 4 0 Sphyrna lewini 2 1 0 Total elasmobranchs * 147 119 57 Total teleosts 16 6 5
If we consider the Canis lupus a karyotype basal for the family, the chromosomal rearrangements that occurred over the group evolution can be suggested.
Toxocara canis can permanently damage the eyes, lungs and hearts of children and often presents with a type of glandular fever.
In this book, "Eric and the Enchanted Leaf: A Visit with Canis Lupis," Eric goes on a trip with his father.
Bill Canis, The Manufacturing Institute, Merton Flemings, MIT, Diana Waterman, Waterman & Associates, and Jim Williams, Ohio State Univ.
25/10 25/12 30/8 Equus caballus 15/6 13/6 55/9 Canis familiaris 2/2 1/1 Felis domesticus (1) Alces alces 14/4 Bos taurus?
Key words: Canis latrans, Capillaria aerophila, coyote, Crenosoma vulpis, lungworm, Oslerus osleri, Paragonimus kellicotti, parasites
However, the babies raised around multiple members of the genus Canis were more likely to bury their pacifiers in the backyard and to grow up to found giant European city-state empires.
Toxocariasis, a common infection worldwide, is caused by Toxocara canis and Toxocara cati which are common animal nematodes in dogs and cats.
After spending four years connecting dozens of dots, they published a study crediting Canis lupus with unilaterally beginning a dramatic restoration of the ailing Lamar River valley.
But fluffy or furless, jumbo or squat, all dogs belong to the same genus and species: Canis familiaris, or the domestic dog.
The chances of a dog carrying the worm Toxocara canis are significantly reduced if owners worm their dog.