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Synonyms for canine

one of the four pointed conical teeth (two in each jaw) located between the incisors and the premolars

any of various fissiped mammals with nonretractile claws and typically long muzzles

of or relating to a pointed conical tooth


of or relating to or characteristic of members of the family Canidae

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Successful hunters also are allowed to bring back cleaned skull plates with attached antlers, if no visible brain or spinal cord tissue is present; tanned hide or raw hide with no visible brain or spinal cord tissue present; capes, if no visible brain or spinal cord tissue is present; upper canine teeth, if no root structure or other soft tissue is present; and finished taxidermy mounts.
That Lucy's and Mina's canine teeth lengthen in their vampiric state is important to an understanding of how, as anthropologist David Gilmore suggests, "The gaping, tooth-lined, flesh-tearing mouth is a universal synecdoche for monstrous predation.
But it's debatable whether he'd enjoy doing BGT with a set of canine teeth clamped around his ankles.
Man wasn't granted canine teeth for chewing gum or gnawing on carrots.
Tigers have the largest canine teeth of any land- C based carnivores.
OTTO We said we would never get another When the last of our dogs went to sleep But when our eyes did fix on big Otto We just wanted him home to keep Just because he's so big & strong Doesn't mean that he's built for fight Otto would rather come & lick you Than use his canine teeth to bite But what I find so mystifying Is why Rottweilers get a bad name Because our Otto is so really gentle With a personality so calm & so tame So don't be scared or alarmed If a great big dog comes your way It will probably just be our Otto Jumping about & wanting to play Jackie May, Bosworth Road, Barlestone, Nr Nuneaton.
And unlike Old World monkeys and hominoids that evolved after about 24 million years ago, Saadanius--which Zalmout's group identifies as a male based on dental characteristics--lacked nasal sinuses and large canine teeth typical of later ape and monkey males.
The canine teeth normally change around six months.
Prominent canine teeth are something one occasionally sees in older cats but it would be worthwhile getting your vet to have a look in your moggy's mouth to see if there's any abnormality or gum disease causing the teeth to become strangely positioned.
A dog must be licensed at six months or when it obtains permanent canine teeth, whichever comes first.
One of the thieves had two gold canine teeth in her lower jaw.
Most early primates had (and their direct descendants still have) two large canine teeth that males use in their dominance contests and in aggressive sexual behavior toward females.
She was believed to be female because she had a relatively small skull and small canine teeth.
The so-called canine teeth of a human are short and blunted while the canine teeth on dogs and carnivores are long and sharp.
But it lacks primitive features such as a toothcomb, where the lower incisor and canine teeth are elongated, crowded together and projected forward, and a special claw used for grooming.
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