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the brightest star in the sky

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canicula covers a wide bathymetric range and spatial area in NE Atlantic Ocean (Norway and British Isles), south to Senegal and the Mediterranean Sea (Whitehead et al.
canicula (the most abundant species) were analyzed by grouping fish according to their maturity stage: adults or juveniles, and were presented according to the %IRI.
canicula where it was nearly 60% by weight, Teleostei comprised only about 30% by weight in S.
Scyliorhinus canicula had a more diverse diet, feeding on a higher number of prey items (H'=2.
canicula, Crustacea were considered dominant and preferential by both QI and IRI, respectively, and Teleostei were only considered preferential according to the QI.
canicula were observed between adults and juveniles for either sex (F=2.
canicula males, Crustacea were the dominant prey items in both adults and juveniles, with %IRI values between 44.
canicula females, the seasonal dietary patterns were similar to those of males (Fig.
canicula specimens captured in 2006 had a broad diet spectrum, which is in agreement with several published studies of this species (Ellis et al.
canicula is also evidence of this species as a pelagic predator.
canicula, the compiled indices also revealed that crustaceans and teleosts are the most important prey items in the diet of S.
canicula exhibited a common trend in their dietary seasonal variations, with Crustacea being the dominant prey items, and Teleostei becoming more important as a food source during spring and summer months.
canicula likely takes advantage of available prey, which have seasonally abundant cycles.
canicula during the study period, suggesting a more continuous feeding activity, contrary to that observed by Braccini et al.
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