Micrurus fulvius

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ranges from Central America to southeastern United States

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According to the ruling, Shunzo Sugino fell over while holding a cotton candy stick in his mouth at a festival site in Suginami Ward, Tokyo, on July 10, 1999.
Shunzo Sugino, then 4, son of high school teacher Masao Sugino, fell over while holding a cotton candy stick in his mouth at a festival site in Suginami Ward, Tokyo, on July 10, 1999.
At SHOPA World Trend will present a number of new offerings, including the Ergo Grip ballpoint and a futuristic Rocket Pen, as well as a ballpoint dubbed the Candy Stick featuring bright colors.
When I say fag, I mean cigarette-shaped candy stick from the pick 'n' mix counter.
The theme park also looked a lot more like Christmas than we remembered, with nutcrackers, candy sticks, Christmas trees, decorations and layers of snow.
A Swede called Amalia Eriksson came up with the first candy sticks in 1859, and they are still made by hand.
I think it's no different to the tattoo stickers kids get in candy sticks and can't see no harm.
Today they are called candy sticks and the names are not the same as actual cigarette companies.
Of course, we should not be encouraging gambling among the pre-pubescent, but they hear the headline figure and we all like to have a little dream - and why would that not involve candy sticks and toffees?
Peter Watson, 34, and his partner Katherine Walton, 30, made the Millennium Bridge, which consisted of cakes, biscuits and candy sticks set around a metal frame.
And the Viper sticks to slick-barked trees like a fat kid covered in cotton candy sticks to a vinyl car seat.
I think you So the students with hair twirled like candy sticks and studded belts on low-slung jeans, who will soon be bankers or painters, poets or engineers; drain suckers and bankers, parents, drinkers and doctors, athletes and teachers, walked by the buskers from faraway lands - the lonely preachers without chapels, the homeless sellers of magazines, good-time spivs, hairdressers with bottles of blonde, the matrons of learned societies, those to people laugh who mince and those who pound, winners and losers.
com; PEPPERMINTSTICKS: All-Natural Candy Sticks dipped in dark chocolate by Bogdon's, The Everyday Gourmet, see above; Hot Chocolate Espresso: REINDEER MUGS: Personal collection of Emily Burgess, FABRIC Premier Fabrics, www.
Each box is filled with sweets designed to spark some buried memories of family trips to the local sweet shop or spending your school dinner money on candy sticks and anglo bubblies.
30) and Halloween Puppet Canes with citrus candy sticks topped with kitten and pumpkin finger puppets (six .