cotton candy

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a candy made by spinning sugar that has been boiled to a high temperature

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The candy floss smell carries on the breeze from the trees, which were planted in the 19th century," said Belsay head gardener Jo Harrigan.
The tea vendors show up first, with the inexplicable but colourful candy floss man closely in their wake.
Finally, and perhaps potentially the most valuable of all, Mrs Ethel Gobsmact, 47, who lives in the village of Clinton Eastwood in the Cotswolds, owns a stick of candy floss which does not look remotely like the Mayor of London Boris Johnson.
For girls, the collection has characters like Barbie, Snow-white Princess and Disney Fairies designed in pink candy floss colour.
CAPT: To fit in FLYING LOW: John kicks up his heels in candy floss wig and red heels as drag queen Zaza
Organised by the University's Optics Society, attendees at the Chocolate Factory themed event were treated to a champagne reception, chocolate fountain, and candy floss and popcorn, as well as a three-course meal, live orchestra and DJ.
London, Feb 14 (ANI): The traditional cotton candies have been an attraction to kids for many years, and US researchers have now found a new role for the candy floss - it can help create small and intricate blood vessels.
NZNO members and staff were involved in the successful day, including staffing the free sausage sizzle, popcorn and candy floss stalls, and organising children's faces and the bouncy castle.
WE all like to be beside the seaside - even more so if a nice priced winner helps to pay for the candy floss and rock.
Porcupine children, well-behaved, Have candy floss grubs for tea; Wildberry bread with nut butter is spread At the porcupine jamboree.
Visitors got in the seaside carnival spirit with crazy mirrors, peepthrough postcards, candy floss, popcorn and much more.
Also there was the great sound coming from the striptease show next door, the roar of the motorbikes from the wall of death, and the smell of the petrol and hot dogs and candy floss.
There will be truly something for everyone with bouncy castle, pirate assault course, Punch & Judy, balloon modelling, bungee trampolines, candy floss, hot dogs and hog roast.
Two-thirds of youngsters have never eaten a stick of rock and more than a third have not tried candy floss.
The 20-year-old from Harlaston, near Tamworth, has launched the Smoke Company with five flavoured brands - Blueberry Mint, Bubblegum, Candy Floss, Coca Cola and Orange Mint.