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a hard candy in the shape of a rod (usually with stripes)

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A traditional candy cane has about 55 calories making it easy to enjoy a few this month and still practice moderation.
Put a candy cane or pretzel stick to the end of one of each of the snowmen''s arms, attaching the bottom end to the icing mound.
Slip candy canes under the rubber band, either all around the container or just a few in front.
Just ask Diane Hara, 59, who, despite the tough times, has candy canes and ornaments dangling from the front yard trees near a small herd of electric reindeer.
The message said the stripes on candy canes "remind us of Jesus' suffering--his crown of thorns, the wounds in his hands and feet; and the cross on which he died," while the white part of the candy "stands for Jesus as the holy, sinless Son of Cod.
A study led by McMaster University researcher Alex Ford had found that peppermint oil, found in most candy canes, can act as the first line of defence against irritable bowel syndrome.
Every candy cane you see during the season of Christmas should remind you of Jesus Christ's reason for coming to Earth.
They did it by hand like artists, shaping striped candy canes and weaving peppermint wreaths.
There were Santas, snowmen, bears, Grinches, candy canes, trees, reindeer and almost anything you can think of within all sorts of displays.
The Court ruled that a Pawtucket, Rhode Island, holiday display that included a creche, a Santa Claus, candy canes and other items was permitted, since the overall effect was nonreligious.
Bible Club at Westfield High School in Westfield, Massachusetts, decided to pass out candy canes accompanied by folded cards that, among other things, explained the confection's Christian significance.
Decorated for weeks prior to Christmas, the lobby is resplendent with Christmas tree and wreaths, candy canes, holly and a menorah.
In the kitchen area behind the counter, Ken trains Molly in the process of making candy canes, "Once you pour the mix, you have to keep kneading it and rolling it, or it will harden up on you.
NEW SweeTARTS([R]) Merry Mix and BUTTERFINGER([R]) Fun Book Join Frosty NERDS([R]), Nestle Heritage Tins and WONKA SweeTARTS and SPREE([R]) Candy Canes Among Popular Candies This Holiday Season
A favorite among families, the festival includes free tours of the factory, where visitors can see Hammond's beautiful candy canes being hand-pulled, shaped and packaged.