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has 35 times as many candy stores per capita as Winston-Salem.
The company has previously opened Candy Stores in both Germany and Gallerian in Stockholm and plans to introduce the concept on more markets.
In the eyes of some, penny candy stores and ice cream vendors made sugary goods--once a luxury of the upper classes--all too common.
The concept made its debut in December 2001 when Wal-Mart opened three Kid Connection Candy Stores in Supercenters in Oklahoma and Utah.
com's Top 10 Cities with Most Candy Stores and Most Pediatric Dentists
Pick them up at See's Candy Stores, call (800) 347-7337 or visit www.
In addition to her two Jetway Express locations, the Marina Del Rey resident also operates Sees Candy Stores in LAX Terminals 1,3 and 4, where she also has a duty-free cart.
Previously, popcorn carts and candy stores around theaters had served the function of today's snack bar.