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feast day commemorating the presentation of Christ in the temple

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Theologically, it was the feast of Candlemass (the Purification of the Virgin) that spelt the end of the Christmas season, and that was not until February 2.
I had just read that wonderful little novella by Macdonald Fraser, The Candlemass Road, about the old bad days on the Borders and the old slogan, " better by moonlight", popped into my head.
Georges, La Grand' Terre, and l'Anse-aux-Canards nurture traditional music and customs like "La Chandeleur," or Candlemass.
Candlemass bells - the colloquial name for snowdrops - rather than flowering around the Candlemass festival on February 2 were being seen as early as November.
Stephen Timbrell, head teacher of the Terry Road school, accepted the Cross of Nails, a worldwide symbol of peace and reconciliation, in a special Candlemass service in the old Cathedral attended by pupils.
Already in the twelfth century Saint Bernard of Clairvaux had established a clear precedent for associating Mary with a priestly role in one of his sermons for the festival of the Purification, celebrated by the Church as Candlemass on 2 February.
The previous Sunday St Mary's hosted the Parish Communion Service for the Candlemass which welcomed members of St James' Christ Church and St Bartholomew's to a United Service.
King of the Grey/e/ande CD (Nuclear Blast)--The mighty Candlemass return with no more Messiah on vocals replaced by Rob Lowe of Solitude Aeturnus fame.
19) Conducted four times a year, on the first Sunday after Michael's Feast, "Mydlenton" Sunday, the feast of the Holy Trinity, and the Sunday after Candlemass, the practice anathematizes erring parishioners "til [thorn]hei come to amendmente" (61).