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the basic unit of luminous intensity adopted under the Systeme International d'Unites

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So, maybe, instead of heading to my favourite local tonight, which intends to run itself on candle power and serve green 'eco-cocktails', I should actually get off my arse and do something, but bet I don'tC*
But Voice, who said he shone the five million candle power lamp from a window of his flat to disperse anti-social youths from his estate, successfully appealed against the jail sentence yesterday, resulting in his release after serving 18 days behind bars.
A closer look with the helicopter's 30m candle power Nitesun spotlight revealed the rectangle was in fact the collapsed missing resident, dressed only in his pyjamas.
Maureen Dillon, in her exploration of the social history of domestic lighting, explains how in the days of candle power an abundance of light was an expression of wealth - you had money to burn.
New lighting across the store -- with nearly double the candle power -- and lower shelf units make for a brighter, more open look.
6-second delay, a one million candle power flash and 150-decibel bang will accompany the release of the one hundred rubber pellets in a 360-degree direction.
The light is then diffused and spread evenly across the exhibit floor with no fluctuation in candle power.