Candida albicans

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a parasitic fungus that can infect the mouth or the skin or the intestines or the vagina

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Although Candida albicans tends to get the most attention, it is only one of 150 fungal species known to be pathogenic to humans.
Acute renal failure as a result of bilateral ureteral obstruction by Candida albicans fungus balls.
As well as IN pathology of the patients, 7 patients with Candida albicans [26.
Comparison of microsatellite length polymorphism and multilocus sequence typing for DNA-based typing of Candida albicans.
The scientists used powerful X-rays from the Diamond Light Source synchrotron facility in Oxfordshire to probe the protein structure of Candida albicans.
Canada: Candida albicans is widespread among humans, but normally does not affect health other than as vaginal or oral yeast infections, also called thrush.
Yenidogan artrit nedenleri icinde Candida albicans cok nadir gorulur.
For a number of years conventional treatment and prevention of candidiasis often centres around the use of fluconazole, which has contributed to the growing drug resistance of Candida albicans and other fungal species.
Though Candida albicans is the most frequently isolated species as coloniser and pathogen of the oral mucosa, other Candida species, such as C.
In addition, when hibiscus was compared to cranberry in vitro, the hibiscus had a stronger antimicrobial effect, particularly against Candida albicans.
Bloating and indigestion, loss of sex drive, eczema, poor circulation and easy bruising are just some of the symptoms of an overgrowth of candida albicans, a natural yeast that occurs in the body.