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many of the best known edible crabs

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6 mm) was Cancridae whereas family Epialtidac MacLeay, 1,838 exhibited the smallest mean [CW.
The chetae of Cancridae are monomorphic (same characteristics left and right sides), have relatively short, stout teeth, and close relatively slowly because of their muscle fibers (Warner and Jones, 1976).
The cancroids Crabs of America of the Families Euryalidae, Portunidae, Atelecyclidae, Cancridae and Xanthidae.
Infraorder Brachyura Latreille, 1802 Superfamily Cancroidea Latreille, 1802 Family Cancridae Latreille, 1802 Genus Metacarcinus A.
Further, the family Cancridae seems to be remarkably unsusceptible to rhizocephalans.
Tijuana Estuary 1991 1992 CALLIANASSIDAE Neotrypaea californiensis X X CANCRIDAE Cancer sp.
They share this feature with other species of decapods whose habitat is most often restricted to seawater, for example, the Majidae, the Cancridae, and the Calappidae (review in Mantel and Farmer, 1983; Pequeux, 1995).
1775) Portunoidea Cancer irroralus Cancridae 25-35 ([dagger]) (Say, 1817) Cancroidea Metacarcinus Cancridae 20-30 * ([dagger]) (=Cancer) magister Cancroidea (Dana, 1852) Halicarcinus Hymenosomatidae 6.
megalocyathus can reach weights of approximately 4,000 g, and its natural diet consists mainly of crustaceans of the Cancridae and Porcellanidae families, without changes in dietary composition in relation to octopus sex (Ibanez & Chong 2008).
Among brachyuran crabs, mating may be restricted to a certain molt stage or life stage, as for some species in the families Portunidae and Cancridae (Brockerhoff & McLay 2005a, Wolcott et al.
A similar behavior was described by Hartnoll (1969) as a common pattern in aquatic members of Cancridae and Portunidae, which recognize individuals for mating relying mostly on chemical and tactile stimuli (Type I).