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MEN: Cancerian Jamie Redknapp, Cancerian Chris O'Donnell, Scorpio Prince Charles, Scorpio Ian Wright
But complete closeness will come through his father William as he, his mother, Diana, and child are all Cancerians.
According to astrology, the Cancer star sign governs the breasts - explaining Cancerian Baywatch babe Pamela Anderson's famous boob job.
Time spent with a Cancerian in the family can help you answer an important question about your past.
The Cancerian star (born nice and early on June 25, 1961) doesn't mince his words: "I hate lateness.
However, our Cancerian and Taurean customers can rest assured that despite our findings we won't be penalising them.
THE Cancerian dieter can spend years worrying about their obesity problem.
l sto to "It will also be decorated with rubies and moonstones which are Cancerian gems.
Doreen, Cancer, Strathclyde I see a proud Leo ascendant added to a worrying Cancerian, and a career in nursing that will suit you to a T.
IT'S often said that opposites attract and that's certainly true for Cancerian Prince William and Capricorn Kate.
But the Cancerian (born June 23, 1956, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA) former bass player may well be concealing beneath this cool veneer a whole lot of emotional turmoil, according to The Four of Pentacles with The Hermit and The Ten of Wands.
The Cancerian (born July 6, 1946) President of the USA seems set to go through a personally frustrating time over family matters - and all the political influence at his disposal won't solve a thing.
THE royal baby will show traits passed down from Cancerian grandmother Princess Diana and the Queen Mother who was a Leo.
The Cancerian (born June 30, 1966) had hoped his bout against British fighter Danny Williams would put him back on top, but he was KO'd in the fourth round.