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the spreading of a disease (especially cancer) to another part of the body

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Cancer of unknown primary site: Missing primary or missing biology?
Pavlidis N, Pentheroudakis G: Cancer of unknown primary site.
Switching benchmarks in cancer of unknown primary from autopsy to microarray.
Tumor markers in metastatic disease from cancer of unknown primary origin.
A four-year prospective trial conducted at the Sarah Cannon Research Institute found that CancerTYPE ID successfully predicted the site of origin in patients with cancer of unknown primary (CUP), helping to direct site-specific therapy and improve survival.
Cancer of unknown primary (CUP) origin is the diagnosis when metastatic cancer is found but the place where the cancer began (the primary site) cannot be determined.
The Danish firm will also work to finalise the randomised Phase II study of Belinostat in cancer of unknown primary (CUP) and will continue the product's development in solid tumours.
Prognosis of sub-types of cancer of unknown primary (CUP) compared to metastatic cancer.
miRview mets is designed to accurately identify the primary tumor site in patients presenting with metastatic cancer, as well as in patients whose tumor has not been identified and consequently has been labeled Cancer of Unknown Primary (CUP).
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