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any substance (as a toxin or enzyme) that stimulates an immune response in the body (especially the production of antibodies)

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All these data confirm that the USCN CUZD1 ELISA kit does not recognize the intended antigen, CUZD1, but recognizes and quantifies a known cancer antigen, CA125, in a similar manner as the well-established and clinically used CA125 kits.
The granted United States Patent protects additional cancer antigens which Cancer Vac can use in the commercialization of its immunotherapy program.
PCA3 is a noncoding mRNA encoded by the PCA3 [prostate cancer antigen 3 (non-protein coding); also called DD3] gene.
This is the first milestone payment Corixa has received under the terms of a 1999 agreement with JT, which provides JT with certain rights to develop vaccine products containing Corixa's novel lung cancer antigens, including antigens formulated using Corixa's microsphere delivery system and proprietary adjuvant technologies.
We are excited to enter this alliance with Agensys to generate fully human antibody candidates to their large portfolio of novel, clinically relevant cancer antigens," stated R.
Cancer antigen 125 associated with multiple benign and malignant pathologies.
Together with previously reported findings, our results suggest that livin might serve as a novel cancer antigen.
Recently, computer-simulated marker data have been suggested to compare the diagnostic accuracy of assessment criteria used to interpret longitudinal cancer antigen (CA) 15.
The results for six fertility assays (follicle-stimulating hormone, luteinizing hormone, prolactin, human chorionic gonadotropin, estradiol, and progesterone), seven thyroid assays [thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH), TSH-3, thyroxine, truodothyronine, thyroxine uptake, free thyroxine, and free truodothyronine], and four oncology markers ([alpha]-fetoprotein, breast cancer antigen, gastrointestinal cancer antigen, and ovarian cancer antigen) were reviewed.
Farletuzumab, ovarian cancer, MORAb-003, investigational humanized monoclonal antibody, monoclonal antibody, Receptor Alpha (FRA), CA-125, Cancer Antigen, platinum-sensitive ovarian cancer, orphan drug , Special Protocol Assessment (SPA), advanced platinum-sensitive relapsed ovarian cancer, sales forecast, phase III/pipeline, Farletzumab competition gemcitabine, topotecan, Yondelis, Avastin, Recentin, AMG386, olaparib
The vaccine, known as SCIB2, stimulates immune responses to the lung cancer antigen NY-ESO-1 and may also have potential utility in oesophageal, liver, gastric, prostate, ovarian and bladder cancers.
Some of the advantages include: 1) prolonged antigen presentation by B cells (5 days) as compared to the short presentation time by dendritic cells (12 hours); 2) a unique patented platform technology using a universal cancer antigen (marker) that is increased in approximately 85% of all tumors; 3) induces an immune response after a single injection; 4) no need for complicated culture procedures; 5) much fewer steps; and, 6) lower cost.