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I'm sure, once you've heard about some of what we've been doing, and continue to do, you may think differently of Canberra--and that's what one of chief goals has been, for Australians (including Canberrans as well) to re-imagine their capital.
On this windswept island, a dedicated few led by Canberran Trish Macdonald are engaged in extreme pest control to kill vermin with the aid of helicopters and guns.
Fellow Canberran, 20-year-old centre or second row Thorley, is from the West Belconnen club, while Sydenham, a 20-year-old half back, is from Manly club Forestville Ferrets and comes highly recommended by ex-Rangers coach and ex-Ferrets player Aaron Perrin.
Since the 1970s, the presence of the colourful Aboriginal tent embassy in front of Old Parliament House has meant that no Canberran could be entirely blind to Indigenous political concerns.
Every Canberran will pay for Labors reckless and desperate policies.