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Since becoming Chief Minister, I have visited China, Singapore and the United States to promote Canberra as an investment ready city.
On Shibata's previous Canberra residency, he had struggled with the differences between Australian and Japanese materials.
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He set a Guinness World Record a year ago for the most Christmas lights on a residential property by cocooning his Canberra home with 502,165 bulbs.
Canberra may easily be considered as the bureaucratic hub with the Australian government's top decision- makers stationed there.
Morris, Barry 2013 Protest, land rights and riots: postcolonial struggles in Australia in the 1980s Aboriginal Studies Press, Canberra, 276pp, ISBN 9781922059345 (pbk)
The redback, related to the black widow spider and so-called because of a red stripe on the back of its black abdomen, is common in Canberra and in other hot and dry areas of Australia.
However, if the word ' rocking' is what you want to take back from this city as memorabilia, then Canberra wouldn't disappoint you either.
Calculate the distance (to the nearest 100 miles) from Canberra, Australia, to Wellington, New Zealand: --
30am Italy v Tonga (ITV2) Canberra Stadium, Canberra 1pm Samoa v Uruguay (ITV2) Subiaco Oval, Perth
THE top two go head-to-head in Australia in the early hours of tomorrow morning and Canberra must be backed off levels at home to Brisbane, writes Mark Langdon.
Swansea-born Aneurin Rhys Hughes, former European Union ambassador to Australia, New Zealand and the Cook Islands, has been asked by Rugby Celebration Canberra to establish links with Welsh businessmen attending World Cup fixtures.
This paper chronicles the desire and attempts by the Catholic Church to establish a national centre for worship in Canberra on a site known as 'Cathedral Hill',--a parcel of land, adjacent to Commonwealth Avenue, with commanding views over Lake Burley Griffin and the Parliamentary Triangle to the south.
Brian Hill joined the CYCA in 1994 and was also a long-time and valuable member of the Canberra Ocean Racing Club.
Australia and North Korea have agreed to open resident embassies in Canberra and Pyongyang in the near future, a spokesman for Foreign Minister Alexander Downer said Thursday.