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Among the experimental diets T2-T6, the diet T5 containing autoclaved SB seeds as a protein source significantly improved the BWG of rats (58%), which appears to be higher when compared to the BWG values reported for pressure-cooked seeds of Canavalia ensiformis (28%) and C.
The PER value of the experimental T5 was found to be higher when compared to Canavalia ensiformis (1.
The TD value (67%) of the experimental diet (T2) containing raw SB seeds was lower compared to the control diet T1 (89%) and other experimental diets T3-T6 (69-79%) of the present study (Table 4), but higher when compared to the TD value of an earlier report on Canavalia maritima (42.
The NPU value of experimental diet T2 (42%) also was lower when compared to control diet T1 (73%) and other experimental diets T3-T6 (46-56%), but higher than that of an earlier report on NPU level of Canavalia maritima (16.
Siddhuraju P and K Becker Species/variety differences in biochemical composition and nutritional value of Indian tribal legumes of the genus Canavalia.
Eknayake S, Jansz ER and BM Nair Proximate composition, mineral and amino acid content of mature Canavalia gladiata seeds.
Pugalenthi M, Siddhuraju P and V Vadivel Effect of soaking followed by cooking and the addition of [alpha]-galactosidase on oligosaccharides levels in different Canavalia accessions.
DME - dichloromethanolic extract; ME - methanolic extract; AE - aqueous extract; NMS - normal mouse splenocytes; ConA - Concanavalin A from Canavalia ensiformis; LPS - lipopolysaccharide from E.
Evaluation of growth performance, serum biochemistry and haematological parameters on broiler birds fed with raw and processed samples of Entada scandens, Canavalia gladiata and Canavalia ensiformis seed meal as an alternative protein source.
3)concanavalin a from canavalia ensiformis,250 mg, calbiochem cat.