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a group of mountainous islands in the Atlantic off the northwest coast of Africa forming Spanish provinces

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James Maddison (above) drove the Canaries forward after the break, constantly threatening with his free-kicks and incisive passes.
Ruddy joined City from Everton in 2010 and he earned an England cap against Italy in 2012 and made 242 appearances for the Canaries.
This means BeE-iktaE- will leapfrog the Canaries into first place by winning only one of those two games.
Mr Gormley, who has bred canaries for more than 20 years, said: "A lot of breeders don't say they've got birds and keep themselves to themselves.
And three minutes later the Canaries doubled their lead with a superb 17-pass move which Redmond lashed past Konstantopoulos.
Why were beautiful little canaries chosen and not, say, your irritating crow?
Projet NAUCAM : Creation d'un reseau nautique de cooperation Iles Canaries -- Maroc.
Organiser and club secretary Dave Shelbourne said: "It will be an amazing spectacle to have so many canaries in one place.
But the canary underground recalls the mine canaries in their cages, brought along to warn of poison in the air.
During the times of the Spanish Empire the Canaries were the main stopover for Spanish galleons on their way to America because of the favourable easterly winds.
The name of the build and the post introducing them refer to the usage of canaries as test for poisonous gases in mines, before humans would descend.
Canaries were taken into coal mines because of their high sensitivity to methane and carbon monoxide.
In practical terms for local businesses, the measure permits a tax discount on income derived from the sale of goods produced in the Canaries, as well as a tax reduction for companies on profits generated in their establishments located in the Canary Islands which are assigned to constitute an investment reserve.
Riding the environmental wave to profit at the expense of their canaries, the landfills and future generations by landfilling risks and responsibilities.