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a group of mountainous islands in the Atlantic off the northwest coast of Africa forming Spanish provinces

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Why were beautiful little canaries chosen and not, say, your irritating crow?
The Canaries, the undefeated and already qualified group leaders, crushed Gladbach 4-2 in Germany on Oct.
Family-friendly beaches and a wide array of kids' attractions including water parks, zoos, camel rides, butterfly sanctuaries and amusement parks make the Canaries an ideal destination for a family holiday.
Projet NAUCAM : Creation d'un reseau nautique de cooperation Iles Canaries -- Maroc.
It would seem we should support the one who stands up for their customers and the canaries, not burying it in the landfill--problem or not.
Years ago, canaries prevented thousands of miners from being poisoned to death by carbon monoxide as they worked thousands of feet below ground.
He later moved on from canaries to budgies and last week he picked up the title of World Champion Beginner's Breeder.
Canaries will be available for sale when they start singing again in September (canaries don't sing during their molting season).
Alboran Charter has many years of experience with active tourist destinations such as the Balearic Islands, the Costa Brava and the Canaries, and have built a reputation of excellence with a focus on service to their customers," commented Raul Bermudez, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for The Moorings.
Fenerbahce Yellow Canaries play Steaua Bucharest away in Group H this evening, while the Galatasaray Lions welcome FC Dinamo 1948 Bucharest to the Ali Sami Yen Stadium in Istanbul in Group F.
Visitors to the beach this weekend will be able to test their skills on an electronic surfboard, sample typical Canarian food and experience carnival - Canaries style.
Named after the "early detection" role canaries once played by alerting coal miners of hazardous fumes, Canary Foundation is the nation's only nonprofit organization devoted exclusively to the early detection of cancer.
Lowry said: "We were discussing canaries and people and suddenly McTaggart got aggressive.
Male canaries sing to attract mates, but the whistling parts of their songs don't seem to interest the females much.