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En una posicion totalmente opuesta encontramos a Abraham Pacheco, quien asegura que <<no se puede jalar el espiritu con perfume ni con agua florida, sino que debe ser con cananga porque tiene mejor panorama por posicion del espiritu y es el mejor complemento para la cuestion de lo que es amarrar.
Si bien el agua de cananga es un producto que se vende en cualquier farmacia o botica, para que haga el efecto deseado en el amarre debe estar <<trabajada>> y no en estado virgen: <<Mas que nada tengo que trabajarla de acuerdo a la posicion de la mesa.
For species in which the fruits do not change color during ripening (Palaquium stehlinii [Sapotaceae], Planchonella grayana [Sapotaceae], and Cananga odorata [Annonaceae]), fruit was considered ripe as soon as it reached full size.
tonganus were included in a more intensive survey of comparative use (Artocarpus altilus [Moraceae], Cananga odorata, Carica papaya [Caricaceae], Inocarpus fagifer, Palaquium stehlinii, Planchonella garberi [Sapotaceae], Planchonella grayana, Planchonella samoensis, Syzygium inophylloides, and Terminalia catappa [Combretaceae]).
Sixteen compounds and including a new stereoisomer of (+)-ushinsunine-[beta]-N-oxide (113a) were isolated from the methanolic extract of the Cananga odorata (Hsieh et al.
Reviewed and predicted activities for metabolites (112-117 and A112-A117) represented in supplementary Table 5, and demonstrated activities isomers (113a,b) isolated from Cananga odorata.
Contract award: project management contract for the completion of the transaction cananga - 40 supportive housing commune of saint-paul.
Research: Investigators initiated a double-blind, randomized, parallel-group, placebo-controlled study in order to evaluate the effect of orally self-administered Slim339, which is a proprietary fixed combination of Garcinia cambogia extract with calcium pantothenate (standardized for the content of hydroxycitric acid and pantothenic acid) and extracts of Matricaria chamomilla, Rosa damascena, Lavandula officinalis and Cananga odorata, on body weight in overweight and obese volunteers.
dolichocarpa Sprague & Sandwith [111] Cananga odorata [170] Duguetia asterotricha (Diels) R.
Flowers were used in only one preparation, that involving Cananga odorata, for the treatment of malaria infections.
Bio Uni, a unisex eau de cologne, opens with bergamot orange and yellow mandarin adorned with spiced touches of cardamom and cananga odorata.