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a zone consisting of a strip of land across the Isthmus of Panama that contains the Panama Canal

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This will be our last visit to the Egyptian Canal Zone due to age and health reasons.
She remained in the Canal Zone until the British left Egypt in 1956, when she relocated to RAF Akrotiri, Cyprus, where she ran a club until her death in 1962.
Gretchen graduated from Balboa High School in Balboa Canal Zone.
I'VE written a book, Suez: The Hidden Truths, which details those turbulent years of the early 1950s in the Suez Canal Zone of Egypt where thousands of mostly national servicemen were posted to defend a "strip of water" against a hostile and barbaric foe in absolutely appalling conditions.
The Panama Club" tells the story of the Canal Zone after the relinquishing of the Panama Canal from the United States to Panama.
In September 1913, Woodrow Wilson pushed a button in the White House, sending an electric pulse that detonated the Gamboa Dike, some two thousand miles to the southwest in the Panama Canal Zone.
Alan Clarke and John Reeves are both Canal Zoners, a group for veterans who from the Suez Canal Zone.
Called up just after the war and sent to places like Palestine and the Canal Zone, we were paid four shillings a day - that's all of 20p in today's money.
Prior to World War I, the admirals and generals who comprised the board additionally antagonized their civilian superiors through a unilateral decision to change its statutory authority and recommendations for a military-only Canal Zone government.
Searching for anyone who served during 1969/70 in the nation 01 Panama Canal Zone in the Panama Canal Zone, at 252 Signal Company, Fort Clayton and also Flamingo Island near Amadore Canal Zone.
TRYING to find some old army pals who served in the 1st Battalion Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders in the Suez Canal zone from 1951 until 1953Jimmy Smith 0141 5626485
China's entrenchment in the Canal Zone is critically important, warned Captain Puckett in congressional testimony in 1999, because "whoever operates the Panama Canal .
Besides doing work for private industry, Environment Canada and the Sudbury Soils Study, Testmark analyses electrical transformer oils for utilities companies in the Panama Canal zone, to ensure they are operating properly.
In 1903, following Panama's declaration of independence from Columbia, President Theodore Roosevelt signed a treaty to resurrect the aborted French project to dig a 51-mile canal across the isthmus of Panama, in exchange for rights to the Canal zone.
Set in 1999 at a Canal Zone Army base, the movie gives Nielsen's Lt.