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a zone consisting of a strip of land across the Isthmus of Panama that contains the Panama Canal

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More than 60,000 troops defended the Suez Canal zone and over 100 lost their lives, but none have been awarded medals for their service.
However, the Suez Canal zone is intended by the government to be highly secure, to maintain the safe transit of trade.
Applicants are not restricted to these dates as the medal commemorates service in the Canal Zone from 1945 until 1957.
They will visit the Canal Zone and cemeteries in Cairo, Fayid, Ismailia, Moascar and Tel-el-Kebir.
Alec Matthews Sutton Coldfield PS: I am now 84, 34 when photographed in Cairo SINCE my retirement I have organised reunion visits to the canal zone area in Egypt.
On Sunday (March 14), I will be in Warwick and would like to meet any of those who were in that entry and anyone who went on to serve in the Canal Zone, Cyprus and Northern Ireland, especially those who were in the Signal Platoon.
military properties in the Panama Canal Zone reverts to Panamanian control late this year -- opening up unparalleled opportunities for international investors to participate in one of history's most ambitious national economic development programs.
OTCBB:TEXN), today announced the sale of and contract for SeaPatches with the Panama Canal Zone.
Dividing the Suez Canal zone into two parts, northern and southern, helped in accelerating the pace of work and providing new maritime and investment services, Mamish noted.
In December 2013, TEDA Investment Group signed a contract with the General Authority for the Development of the Northwest Gulf of Suez (SE Zone) to develop a new 6 sqkm North West Suez Canal zone.
NE1 1ED SUEZ Canal Zone, Cairo, Campaign Reunion on May 15-24, 2013.
Conducting the required annual maintenance & small construction works at Port Said Sector of El Canal Zone during FY 2010/ 2011.
The year 1951 saw the terrorist activities of Egypt's Suez Canal zone escalate into a war.
I was called up for national service in 1954 and was posted to Egypt, working in GHQ Fayid canal zone then moved on to Cyprus.
Mr Maddox applied for the gong after reading in the ECHO about a Merseysideled drive for recognition of those who took part in the Suez Canal Zone Emergency.