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5%) claimed to have taught the Canadianism loonie in class; five (62.
That is, a teacher's teaching of a Canadianism seemed to have no direct bearing on its retention by a student.
For his part Xu was surprised at the Canadianism baby bonus.
Harry Johnson, `Unlovely Canadianism,' in William Kilbourn, ed, A Guide to the Peaceable Kingdom (Toronto: Macmillan 1970), 208-9.
56) Terence Fay, A History of Canadian Catholics: Gallicanism, Romanism, and Canadianism (Montreal and Kingston: McGill-Queen's University Press, 2002), 241.
The paradoxical result of this contact between Canadian colonials and the dreaming spires--but one at the core of Champion's argument--is that Oxford "reinforced Britishness as well as Canadianism.
became the quintessential icon for a Pearsonian conception of Canadianism," except, perhaps, to note that the sugar maple does not grow west of Ontario.
We are told of his belief in the sanctity of the parliamentary tradition, his advocacy of unhyphenated Canadianism and his enshrining of the common man in the Bill of Rights.
This self-discovery among New Canadians, together with the moral earnestness that drove Ottawa's external affairs and federalist initiatives in the 1960s, helped to sweep aside the old public vestiges of Britishness, and to foster a multi-ethnic Canadianism associated with multiculturalism and internationalism.
At the national level, the Diefenbaker slogans "One Canada" and "unhyphenated Canadianism," the conservative rhetoric of equality and anti-discrimination, and the promise to enact the country's first Bill of Rights, appealed to New Canadians.
The variety of ethnic views expressed toward competing visions of Canadianism has been neglected by historians, conscious perhaps of a patriotic need to refrain from fanning the embers of separatism.
The publishers hope that, as a contribution to Centennial thinking, the Dictionary of Canadianisms will assist in the identification, not only of Canadianisms but of whatever it is that we may call "Canadianism" (v)
CENTENNIALISM AND NATIONALIST NARRATIVES Many eternalizing mechanisms were undertaken in 1967, Canada's centennial year, including the publication of A Dictionary of Canadianisms on Historical Principles, deliberately expedited from 1970, its original publication date.
8) In the concluding paragraph of the passage, the temporal, spatial, and ethnic range all collapse onto a tautology: the Dictionary of Canadianisms will contribute to Canadian identity because it contains Canadianisms.
English-Canadian nationalists embrace a similar position; they believe that the French-English problem will be eliminated only when "lesser allegiances" are replaced by "a common Canadianism.
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