Communications Security Establishment

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Canadian agency that gathers communications intelligence and assist law enforcement and security agencies

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The CMVP is a joint effort between NIST and the Canadian Security Establishment, who serve as the validation authorities for the program.
Department of Defense, Canadian Security Establishment, Australia Customs, Dutch Health, FT, AXA Financial, Reed Elsevier and Paychex.
To learn more about the Canadian Security Establishment Canada, go to http://www.
Dallas Semiconductor (NYSE:DS) Tuesday announced that the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the Canadian Security Establishment (CSE) have validated the DS1954 Cryptographic iButton as meeting Federal Information Processing Standards Publications (FIPS PUBS) 140-1, "Security Requirements for Cryptographic Modules" (FIPS 140-1).
In international intelligence circles, the Canadian security establishment made its mark thanks to its obsession with secrecy.
The Canadian Security Establishment (CSE) is given $37-million for electronic monitoring and other espionage.
National Security Agency and the Canadian Security Establishment, the company's RASP Data Security(tm) portfolio protects some of the most sensitive information in the world.
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