Canadian pondweed

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North American waterweed

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Mechanical control (dragging it out) will not succeed if left until May or June by which time Canadian pondweed, blanket weed and other invasive aquatics will have made significant growth.
For much of the summer they, like many other garden ponds, are filled with either blanket weed, duckweed or that awful Canadian pondweed, unless it is removed mechanically which means me
Submerged oxygenators: Canadian Pondweed, Eelgrass, Fanwort, Hornwort, Water Moss, and Water Violet.
Avoid rampant, non-native aquatic plants such as Canadian pondweed, floating pennywort, parrot's feather and New Zealand pygmy weed.
The main culprits are giant hogweed, Japanese knotweed, Canadian pondweed and crassula helmsil, better known as Australian swamp stonecrop.
Canadian pondweed, Elodea - This plant is often sold as loose strands with a weight at the end.
I am not sure which is worse: blanket weed, Canadian pondweed or the ``pea soup'' green which many pond owners have to settle for once temperatures start rising.
Canadian pondweed, or Elodea canadensis, is one of the most successful varieties.
For at least a week, it will be patrolling up and down the Cardiff lake cutting the Canadian pondweed.
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