Canadian hemlock

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common forest tree of the eastern United States and Canada

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William and Kate planted a Canadian hemlock in the grounds of Rideau Hall in Ottawa on the third day of their overseas tour.
In both Japan and China, import prices for most species of lumber have trended upward since early 2009, particularly for higher-grade Russian pine to Japan and lower-grade Canadian hemlock to China, as reported in the Wood Resource Quarterly
The imperial couple planted a memorial Canadian hemlock tree in the garden at the official residence.
Subsequently, a market differentiation strategy that clearly exploited this new knowledge was developed by establishing a generic name and brand for Canadian hemlock, one that could be readily identified in Japan by all end users as 'Canada Tsuga', along with a (Japanese calligraphy) 'stylized' house and maple leaf logo.
George Washington's Mount Vernon, Virginia, estate (Metro: Huntington on yellow line to Fairfax Connector bus) contains trees planted by the first president, including two tulip poplar, two white ash, seven American holly, a Canadian hemlock, and a white mulberry.
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