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common greyish-brown wild goose of North America with a loud, trumpeting call

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5 Canadian Geese, a Parma based social media and consulting company, is coordinating the event.
It's thought the male swan may have scared away the Canadian geese that were also nested on the lake.
Suddenly I heard the sound of Canadian geese calling in the distance, the honking growing louder and louder.
Sterba lays out the problems: efforts to control Canadian geese flocks (and their feces) resulting in municipal unrest and attacks on public officials; a resurgence of coyotes now suspected in the disappearances of small pets; moose sauntering onto highways; woodpeckers acting like nail-guns on house siding; and expanding numbers of cougar, black bear and gray wolves getting too close for comfort.
I speak of the over-representation of Canadian geese in Canadian prison yards.
The sun was shining, there were dozens of Canadian geese and it was so peaceful I felt as if I was in a country park.
It has been host to Olympic Rowing Trails, a sailing club, the annual Dragon Boat Races, a few genuine Venetian Gondolas complete with red-striped-shirted gondoliers, and an amazingly large flock of fat and sassy Canadian geese.
Resident Canadian geese have been among the suspected cause of high fecal coliform counts at some Pennsylvania state park beaches, forcing swimming restrictions during peak usage periods.
The items preserved included wool from sheep and a picture of Canadian geese, representing the Pierce Farm and wildlife.
The first show of the 22-episode season will focus on "Operation Migration," based on one man's journey to lead young Canadian geese on their winter migration.
Here, shaded by lovely trees and an array of orange, red, pink, purple and salmon rhododendrons, mallards, Canadian geese, wood ducks, coots, even heron glided by.
Along the river's edge, guests can view a variety of natural wonders such as graceful ospreys in flight, along with eagles, Canadian geese, blue heron and a variety of ducks.
There were graceful ospreys swooping down for a mouthful of wriggling fish, long-billed great blue herons that blended in with the gray-brown reeds along the shore, a flock of Canadian geese riding on the lake's surface and two mini-herds of coastal mule deer who munched grass alongside the shore, stopping long enough to meet our gaze but unfrightened.
This annual festival celebrates the migration of Canadian geese.
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