Canadian dollar

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the basic unit of money in Canada


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Last week the Canadian dollar rallied against the US dollar, thanks in part to the recent increase in oil prices, plus the nervousness of the market following weaker than expected non farm payrolls data.
The Canadian dollar has been in depreciating mode due to falling prices of oil, which the country exports, and plunged further after China decided to devalue its yuan.
92 Canadian dollars and the insurance company Manulife Financial Corp.
Other industries such as tourism have not gone untouched by the high value of the Canadian dollar against the U.
4 billion by 2006 if the Canadian dollar stabilizes, according to a report by the Conference Board.
Based on the survey outcomes, the Australian dollar and the Canadian dollar were considered for separate identification in COFER data.
Sadly for those of us that are on this side of the 49th parallel our Canadian dollar strength has extinguished a lot of the strength of the U.
His deep knowledge of the Canadian dollar forward market and strong technical background adds immediate value to the BMO FX team.
Complaints poured in from retailers and customers, whose discontent was particularly strong in May when the Canadian dollar rose to US$0.
Then, with the stronger Canadian dollar, we were able to add some players during the regular season.
In the third week of October, the Canadian dollar fell to a four-month low of Can$1.
With the Canadian dollar still below 80 cents, Canada's trade surplus with the U.
APUC") (TSX: AQN) today announced the equivalent Canadian dollar exchange rate for its third quarter dividend.
The Canadian dollar is in demand because of the country's economic resilience.
05 (according to the exchange rate of the National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic 1 Canadian dollar = 0.
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