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a large plateau that occupies more than 40% of the land area of Canada

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The Canadian Shield is itself a distinctive 'region' of Canada, and was therefore treated as such (Chapter 4), but the description of its geology followed a sequential approach based on the age of the various terranes and orogenies.
is a mineral exploration company based in Thunder Bay, Ontario with projects in the Canadian Shield of Northern Ontario, Canada.
Vertolli points out the quarry sites on Ontario geological maps of the region, most of which he and ROM colleague Syd Lumbers researched and created over a period of 20 years: "We mapped a swath of the Canadian Shield," he says, "from the Renfrew/Pembroke vicinity to the islands of Georgian Bay.
Though just under 1,700 acres in size, the classic Canadian Shield fishery is big on solitude.
This high could be interpreted as an area of thick supra-crustal rocks and under-plating by occanic crust that has been associated with the discovery of major gold deposits in Precambrian rocks of the Canadian Shield.
From the novels of James Fenimore Cooper to the film The Black Robe, the canoe has been an essential element in sparking the historic imagination about the original inhabitants and the European settlement of the Canadian Shield.
Over 900 symbolic shapes and figures of turtles, snakes, birds and humans were calved into an expanse of Canadian Shield marble between 600 and 1,200 years ago.
Then we pull away from the platform to pick up speed across the 1,000- mile wilderness they call the Canadian Shield.
Directory of the Turf he described his early career as follows: "Film actor, won Canadian shield for best actor 1938.
When I was small, I lived in lake-filled Sudbury, Ontario, my mind filled with the Canadian Shield burnt copper at sunset, outdoor ice rinks and graceful white birch trees.
portfolio of nine properties in the Canadian Shield.
2] and can be divided into 3 natural regions: the rolling uplands of the Canadian shield across the center of the province, the Hudson Bay lowlands to the north, and the Great Lakes and St.
Morton's statement, in The Canadian Identity, that the main task of Canadians was to "make something" of the "formidable heritage" of the Canadian Shield, is the metropolitan, outside-directed and arguably exploitative interpretation against which Mochoruk directs this book.
As such, they were ideally situated to act as middlemen in the fur trade between the hunter-gatherers hunting and trapping on the Canadian Shield to the north of them and the French at Montreal, Three Rivers, and Quebec.
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