Canadian River

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a river rising in northeastern New Mexico and flowing eastward across the Texas panhandle to become a tributary of the Arkansas River in Oklahoma

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Life history and reproductive ecology of the Arkansas River shiner and peppered chub in the Canadian River, Texas and New Mexico.
Applicable Criteria and Related Research: Canadian River Municipal Water Authority, Texas
Ute Reservoir, on the Canadian River, was constructed to supply water to communities in the region.
The Canadian River Municipal Water Authority, which supplies about half a million people in Lubbock, Amarillo and surrounding towns, began pumping from Lake Meredith for the first time since the summer of 2011.
Southern Star's interstate natural gas transmission pipeline was impacted when yesterday's tornado hit the Old Truss Bridge near where I-44 crosses the Canadian River.
The most worrying aspect of these outbreaks was the discovery of the disease in a Canadian river in salmon which were either wild, farm escapees, or both.
Which Canadian river ends at a town of the same name on Hudson Bay?
Oklahoma City: MAPS North Canadian River Restoration, Population Category Over 500,000
The study area included the Canadian River and the Washita River drainages in Hemphill County, the North Fork of the Red River and Sweetwater Creek in Wheeler County, and portions of Lelia Lake Creek and the Salt Fork of the Red River in Donely County (Fig.
Jim Thorpe's family would have the circle closed where he was born and grew up: in the blackjack woods, between the Moccasin Highway and Oklahoma's North Canadian River.
To Replace the Canadian River Bridge Crossing on US 54.
AMARILLO - By an interstate overpass along the languid Canadian River near Amarillo, off-road vehicles zooming by are a common sight.
Nahanni River Adventures and Canadian River Expeditions have been the leaders in river adventure for northern Canada and Alaska since 1972 and are longstanding supporters and political advocates of the environment.
Phenacobius mirabilis has been reported from the headwaters of the Canadian River in New Mexico (Rohde 1980; Sublette et al.
The city is planning to replace a major street with a canal and lakes, made possible by damming portions of the Canadian River, The canals will then run along a stretch of jazz, blues and other entertainment spots that will end at the entrance to the Planned baseball stadium.
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