Canada balsam

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yellow transparent exudate of the balsam fir

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medium-sized fir of northeastern North America

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For pectic substances (acidic polysaccharides) localization, sections were stained with ruthenium red, counterstained with methylene blue and mounted in Canada balsam, and the test was considered positive if red color was observed (LANGERON, 1949).
A piece of worm colonies of each species with the size of 10 mm x 10 mm was then oriented and mounted in Canada balsam for grinding.
The only specimen available for study, was dissected in 80% ethyl alcohol, and its parts (head, right legs and wings, and genitalia), were mounted on a slide in Canada balsam.
Reagents and Materials The following chemicals were used in the study: alcohol-formalin-Acetic (AFA) - a mixture of 60 ml formalin, 500 ml 95% ethyl alcohol, 40 ml glacial acetic acid, and 400 ml distilled water, 5% glycerine alcohol - a mixture of 95 ml 70% ethyl alcohol, 55 ml glycerin, 70% methyl alcohol - a mixture of 70% ml methyl alcohol and 30 ml distilled water, Methanol, Giemsa stain, and Canada balsam.
This specimen was slide-mounted in Canada balsam and examined, measured and drawn using a binocular compound microscope with attached camera lucida.
They were subsequently slide-mounted using the Canada Balsam technique as described by Palma (1978).
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