Royal Canadian Mounted Police

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BLUES SINGER - Ian Parker CANADA'S FINEST - Ella Ed, Bad Sheps and Stephen Fearing
William Kurelek, one of Canada's finest painters, painted over 160 canvases depicting The Passion of Christ According to St.
Sunnybrook and Women's College Health Sciences Centre is the amalgamation of three of Canada's finest health care organizations: the Orthopedic and Arthritic Hospital, Sunnybrook Health Science Centre and Women's College Hospital.
The book is Brand's latest achievement and it certainly solidifies her as one of Canada's finest writers.
And so to the blues, and one of Canada's finest exponents of the style.
The CD featured songs from her one-woman play of the same name and helped establish her as one of Canada's finest jazz singers.
ca is Canada's finest online business information resource that delivers unparalleled news and information, filtered to your specific requirements.
Another of Canada's finest citizens, Stanley Knowles, died in June 1997.
From the pool attendant handing out cold towels on hot days to the bottles of water in your car when you drive away, the attention to detail makes this one of Canada's finest hotels.
So to all those involved in making Take One what it is--the staff, editorial board, readers, sponsors and advertisers--may I extend my warmest regards and appreciation for your loyalty to and support for what has undoubtedly become Canada's finest film magazine.
JANN ARDEN HAS RECENTLY RELEASED HER FOURTH ALBUM, Blood Red Cherry, an innocent yet passionate new collection of songs from one of Canada's finest singer-songwriters.
When British Columbia's black bears eat spawning salmon, they may be doing a lot more than just dining on one of Canada's finest fish.
Nicknamed the "infants" of Canadian First Nation fire departments, the team from Gesgapegiag in eastern Quebec have only been around for two years, but their diligence and commitment to safety has earned them recognition as Canada's finest.
Postmedia's new local Android apps feature content from Canada's finest journalists, and offer a variety of top mobile features:
There are much better Entfuhrungs out there, but still, this is a nice memoir of two of Canada's finest singers from the era.
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