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Air Canada revenues on transatlantic routes decreased 3% as capacity was cut 6% and RASM improved 2%.
Once gay marriage is legalized, Canada will be able to "consider whether the legal privileges and burdens now assigned to marriage and other conjugal relationships can be justified.
Health state descriptions for Canadians: Musculoskeletal diseases (82-619-MIE2006003) Ottawa: Statistics Canada.
A spokesman for Anglican Communion in Canada (ACiC), Rev.
Under Canadian law, nonresident corporations are subject to income taxes in Canada when they carry on a business there or dispose of taxable Canadian property (generally real estate, property used in a Canadian business and private company shares).
EPSC's president and CEO David Betts said, "We are encouraged that Lenovo has now joined our organization as we continue to work through these next critical stages to develop sustainable solutions for electronic waste in Canada.
William Watt Hutchison, "Hutch" or "Bill" to his many friends and colleagues in Canada and around the world, died in the Ottawa General Hospital, July 3, 1987, at the age of 52, a victim of cancer.
Canada Bread; Pfizer Swine; Pfizer Large Animal; Ontario Pork
Read the following, then test your Canada IQ by answering questions from Canadian kids on p.
Most Americans know virtually nothing about Canada, while many Canadian students know more about U.
Residents of a hillside street that straddles Pasadena and La Canada unanimously approved county Measure E, allowing them to continue sending their children to the prestigious La Canada Unified School District, which produces some of the highest standardized test scores in Los Angeles County.
welcomes the opportunity to present the following comments and questions on pending income tax issues, which will be discussed with representatives of the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency (hereinafter "Revenue Canada") during TEI's December 7, 1999, liaison meeting.
IHI-International will hold the right to use certain building construction technology (the "technology") in all countries in the world other than Canada.
The Mining Association of Canada (MAC) wants governments to form a task force to assess Canada's relative attractiveness as a place for mineral exploration and development.