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French writer who portrayed the human condition as isolated in an absurd world (1913-1960)


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Camus laid the ethical foundation for this position on Algeria in "The Rebel," which was published to great controversy.
The largest independent, family-owned Cognac house, CAMUS has been managed by five generations since it was founded in 1863.
Des lors, Camus, estime [beaucoup moins que]qu'il n'y a pas d'autres raisons que l'homme, et c'est celui-ci qu'il faut sauver si l'on veut sauver l'idee de la vie.
WHEN THE INTELLECTUAL AND LITERARY WORLDS had reduced him to a plague victim's isolation, only one honest man had the courage to extend a brotherly hand, and help him survive: Albert Camus.
Readers may wish to read The Stranger before approaching The Meursault Investigation, though those who pick it up before a Camus refreshing will still be richly rewarded.
Harun criticizes Camus who, allegedly like all pieds noirs, thought Arabs not worthy of being fleshed out as complex characters in a novel.
Camus said even he received a call from one of the scammers at his home on a Saturday.
Now, we are almost exclusively clashing with ISIL rather than the Assad regime," Camus said, expressing disappointment as a result of not being able to find armed support from Western countries.
Whereas Odysseus's Sisyphus exists in a richly peopled part of the Greek underworld, Camus puts his Sisyphus alone on a mountain.
A Life Worth Living examines Camus as a moralist, paying particular attention to his silence on the Algerian problem and his very public fallout with Jean-Paul Sartre.
Through comparative readings with Dreiser, Mark Twain, Dostoyevski, and Camus, Hakutani outlines Wright's originality, showing that his work can at no point be subsumed entirely under the categories of naturalism first and existentialism later (let alone Marxism, an influence all along but never a uniform).
Sun will own 60 percent of Camus, and Lomac will own the rest.
Quelle figure paradoxale, contradictoire et attachante que celle d'Albert Camus (1913-60), journaliste rendu celebre par sa contribution a la Resistance et mort, a 46 ans, dans des circonstances tragiques
2013 marks the 150th Anniversary of the House of CAMUS, the last major, independent and family-owned cognac House in France.
Worcester's work on Bishop Jean-Pierre Camus (1584-1652) is "a case study of episcopal preaching in France after the Council of Trent" (27), "a seventeenth-century cultural discourse" and a window onto "a religious culture and how a Catholic reformer sought to shape that culture" (242).