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The RFN 300 machine produces lobes with a concave shape for the camshaft shown.
96 mm) are used in the heads and work in conjunction with new, longer-duration intake camshafts to provide the engine's boost in horsepower.
The CVVT unit is positioned on the exhaust camshaft and controls the intake valve timing by advancing and retarding the intake cam in relation to the exhaust cam.
Ti-VCT takes this technology and applies it to both the intake and exhaust camshafts of its DOHC design, using electronic solenoid valves to direct high-pressure oil to control vanes in each of the camshaft sprocket housings.
Ford's product engineers were able to get an acoustical signature of the noise and determined that it was caused by microscopic roughness (chatter) on the engine's camshaft lobes caused by imperfections introduced in the lobe grinding process.
As CWC enters the '90s, it is supplying chilled iron camshafts to major European automakers and is expanding its ductile iron capabilities.
From 2000 to 2005, the growth of the automotive MEMS sensor mainly included: accelerator for vehicle kinetics control and airbags; pressure sensors used in transmission, brakes, coolers, tyres and fuel oil, etc; yaw rate sensors applied to vehicle dynamic control, vehicle rollover warning and GPS spare equipments; location sensors used in tyre-rate control, camshafts, crankshafts and pedals; humidity sensor for controlling inner environment of cars; sunshine, rainwater and humidity sensors as well as distance sensors to examine nearby barriers and to avoid crash.
The camshafts are driven by chains from the crankshaft to keep the valve opening in sync with the motion of the pistons in the cylinders.
Most other camshafts, Dias says, are ground using a two machine process with two separate chuckings--one machine setup to chuck and grind the bearings and the other machine to grind the lobes.
Utilizing powdered metal technology developed by NPR, the newly formed WACI will supply camshafts to a major engine manufacturer in the U.
It is then re-built with parts that Saleen designed based on its racing experience including: a forged steel crankshaft and rods, special camshafts, forged aluminum pistons, a whole new induction system (featuring a molded composite inlet tube which offers better airflow than aluminum and saves over four pounds in the bargain) and a high-capacity supercharger.
Assembled camshafts are lower in weight and the precision
is a leading supplier of high- precision grinding and abrasive systems for the production of camshafts, crankshafts, and connecting rods, primarily serving the worldwide automotive, off-road and diesel engine manufacturing industries.
Previously, he was chief executive of the camshafts product group and managing director of the industrial sealing group.
Next generation cars will no longer have camshafts, instead, powerful electromagnets will open and close the valves.