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Synonyms for Campyloneurum

epiphytic ferns of tropical America

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For example, Campyloneurum tucumanense has fronds up to 1 m long and yet has a widely variable number of thickenings per cell (9-45), as does C.
ornamental Campyloneurum karaguara ita --Sold as an lapathifolium reegua (growing ornamental (Poir.
147 T Polypodiaceae Campyloneurum amphostenon 75 E (Kunze ex Klotzsch) Fee Campyloneurum angustifolium 102 E (Sw.
3 t -- -- Loxomataceae Loxsomopsis pearcei (Maxon) Baker t >75 AMF Polypodiaceae [non- grammitids] Campyloneurum amphostenon Fee t -- -- Niphidium albopunctatissimum Lellinger t -- -- Pleopeltis percussa Hook.
Roth (L) intermediate 81 Campyloneurum xalapense F6e (L) xerophytic 81 Cheilanthes myriophylla Desv.